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Yoga Anatomy Courses & Teacher Trainings

Simple methods to teach yoga with the confidence & clarity that get students coming back to your classes!

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Yoga Anatomy Courses

Are you like most yoga teachers who did not learn enough anatomy in your yoga teacher training?

  • Do you feel like anatomy is over you head, but actually want to teach anatomy informed classes so that students are safe and can trust you?
  • Do you struggle with knowing what cues to use to truly make a difference for students?
  • Are you looking to advance your teaching skills so that you can confidently go after your dream job and clients?

The Yoga Anatomy School offers Yoga Anatomy Courses and Teacher Trainings with simple step-by-step processes to develop knowledgeable and confident yoga teachers that students want.

FREE Resource: Start Using Anatomy Informed Cues Right Now!

In this this free cheat sheet, you will access 16 science backed yoga cues that Dr. Trish Corley has refined using twenty years of experience as a doctor of physical therapy, anatomy professor, and yoga teacher.

Hi There!
I'm Dr. Trish Corley

I am a US licensed Physical Therapist and an internationally recognized Yoga Trainer & Anatomy Teacher.

Like most yoga teachers, yoga calms my mind and keeps my body healthy. Yoga can change the health of modern society, and therefore the world needs more confident and effective yoga teachers.

The Yoga Anatomy School was developed for yoga teachers like you!

Do you want to better understand anatomy (without struggling) and be able to lead yoga classes that leave your students ready to come back to your classes?

Elevate Your Impact

Are you a yoga teacher who is teaching through doubt? Looking for your authentic voice? Unclear how to cue your students? Wish you understood anatomy better?

Elevate Your Impact is coaching program for yoga teachers who want to teach with confidence, ease, and high level impact that leaves students empowered and coming back. 

Anatomy Focused Yoga Practices

The Yoga Anatomy School offers Anatomy-Focused Asana Practices led by Dr. Trish Corley. Each practice focuses on a specific topic of anatomy and ensures you apply your anatomy knowledge to yoga!
Embody clear and effective anatomy based cues so you can teach more effectively. 

Testimonials from Yoga Teachers

 "In the true definition of yoga Trish is building community, connection, presence, and empowerment virtually! This is unprecedented and so much different than watching a recording on YouTube. Trish sees and teaches to each student and keeps me wanting to log back in for more. I am so grateful for this healthy outlet...I'm not sure why you wouldn't sign up."

Tia Alf
Yoga Teacher - USA

 ""Trish was very detailed and concise in her explanation and I have never felt clearer about the jargons in anatomy.." 

Angeline Yeo
Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner - Singapore

"[The Yoga Anatomy} workshops inspired me to explore, in more specific details, each body part affected in an asana. Hence I can translate this in class. I learned more techniques on how to guide students to explore poses in a safer, more effective way."

Rannie Kit Mae Reyes
Yoga Teacher - Malaysia

Not Sure Where to Start?

Are you feeling lost and not sure where to start? You want to learn more anatomy and teach with confidence, and you just can't figure out how to make it happen? You are encouraged to book a free mentorship call with Dr. Trish Corley. She will work with you to set your goals as a yoga teacher, discover why you haven't yet achieved those goals, and determine the next best action for you!

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